Safe Services That We Offer:

Why Businesses Need TNS Safes

It's a grind running a NYC business. The competition and myriad municipal fees create a thin -line between profit and loss. You cannot afford to allow cash shrinkage to turn your business into fool's gold. TNS sells the most secure safes available on the market. You've read stories about businesses that suffered debilitating financial blows due to theft. Don't become another story by ordering business safes from us.

Home Alone

A vacant home represents an ideal location for thieves to plunder. Even the most advanced home security systems cannot thwart the intrusion of seasoned thieves. However, an impervious safe that contains all of your most valuable assets acts as the consummate deterrent to tech savvy home invaders. Our residential safes possess the latest innovative security features that go well beyond the traditional combination lock. TNS residential safes not only protect cash and all types of financial instruments, our safes give you a place to store your most important personal documents.

The Finest Quality

TNS only offers the highest quality safes that never degrade due to prolonged exposure to humid conditions. Unlike most other safes, our safes resist rust and corrosion to provide you with years of use. A thief can take a sledgehammer to our NYC company safes and leave the scene frustrated by the inability to break into the vault. Why settle for costly inferior safes, when TNS offers affordable, long lasting safes that protect you from criminal minds.