What We Do?

We provide the solution to serious indoor air pollution. We offer highly rated commercial and residential air duct cleaning services that transform your home or office into environments that exude pristine air quality.

Our NYC air duct cleaning service eliminates airborne particles that cause asthma, allergies, and a wide variety of other types of respiratory ailments. Not only do we enhance your health, we also enhance the health of your heating and cooling system by removing dust and grime from your environment.

We suggest homeowners and commercial property owners contact us, if a HVAC system has not received a thorough cleaning within the past year. If anyone in your family suffers from allergy symptoms, the time has come to call the experts at TNS. Pets exacerbate poor indoor air quality, as does the presence of smokers.

Commerical and residential air duct cleaning services provided by NYC Airducts also increase the energy efficiency of your home or office building. Energy efficient structures reduce energy costs, which comprise one of the most expensive items on an office or a household budget.

Our commercial and residential air duct cleaning services keeps the dust and dirt inside of your HVAC system and not inside of your lungs. Commercial  Clean air duct systems reduce the likelihood of a fire starting because of clogged vents. Our air duct technicians are some of the best in the city and are eager to service your needs.

Our certified technicians are licenced, insured and bonded. They have experience working with Fujitsu airducts, duct sanitizing, post-contruction cleaning for both residential and commercial.

Our Services

We offer a complete suite of airduct cleaning, installation and repair services for commerical clients.

We also service residential customers for all airduct and dryer vent installations, repairs and cleaning.

We can clear out blocked up air ducts and improve air circulation.

Dryer vents are especially bad with accumulation of dust particles. This can eventiually lead to a fire hazard.

We offer professional installation and repair services for exhust motors..

High-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) air filter cleaning services offered by certified technicians.

What People Say?

Jessica C. (New York)

Amazing serve with a smile! Will keep recommending people here! Keep up the good work gentlemen! :)

G.C. (New York)

Matthew and his buddy were able to make it on short notice, late in the day on a rainy Friday evening as their last stop. Friendly guys and immediately went right to troubleshooting

opinionated p. (Brooklyn)

Matthew was also very transparent about pricing and ended up charging us the lowest price he had mentioned as a possibility (because he didn't know the full extent of our problems he had originally given us a pretty broad range; luckily things were not as severe as they could have been)