Allergen and Dust Services That We Offer:

Allergen Cleaning

A build up of dust in your vents can insite allergies due to air-borne allergens.

Pet Dander/Dust

In addition to dust, pet hair and dander can accumulate in venting system and pose an additional threat to those with allergies.

Vent/Duct CLeaning

Our Air Duct/Dryer Vent Cleaning Services will clear your ventilation systems of all known allergen, dust particles and provide you with clear air to breathe.

Dryer and Vent Cleaning

NYC Airduct Services is always there for you.

At TNS we greatly reduce the fire danger caused by clogged dryers and vents. We also make sure our New York City customers never have to worry about the silent killer called carbon monoxide (CO). Blocked dryer ducts keep flue gasses from releasing into the outdoor air. The result is the build up CO that proves to be fatal at high levels. Even low levels of CO induce nausea and headaches.

Why Dryer Vent Fires Start
Dryer fires start when enough lint collects to reduce the air flow needed to remove heat from the dryer system. Clogged dryer ducts cause dryers to increase the time it takes to dry clothes, which eventually creates an overheated motor. The lint that accumulates in the vent catches fire and the draft from the air shoots up the vent to torch something that ignites a house fire. TNS ensures that your dryer duct remains lint free, as well as the filter that catches dryer released particles.

Here are some reasons to have TNS offer you dryer and vent cleaning services:
● You frequently use the dryer
● Your dryer often runs full capacity loads
● The dryer vent length exceeds 25 feet
● You haven't had the dryer duct cleaned over the past year
● Your dryer vent comprises foil, vinyl, or plastic

A growing number of insurance companies and municipal fire departments require commercial and residential building owners to receive annual dryer duct cleanings. TNS offers affordable dryer and vent cleaning services that far exceed the minimum requirements mandated by insurance companies and local governments. Ensure the safety of your family by calling TNS today!